Wasted Costs Order 

In the days before this blog we used more traditional methods to publicise the one occasion a client was successful in obtaining an ex gratia payment for the costs of an appeal. Last week a second firm were similarly successful in this regard. The decision is hardly a floodgate one and was made in a […]

Century Up 

This is the 100th post to this blog. The feedback received to date has been positive and of course we now put a short diluted version in Independent Lawyer once a month. Do people find it useful, interesting, of value? Does anyone have any thoughts on improvements? Let us know.

Back to the Blogosphere 

Apologies for lack of activity here so far this week. The reasons? Monday off unsuccessfully doing Christmas shopping. Tuesday a collaborative, yes collaborative, meeting with the LSC in Leeds to make our CDS 6 and CMRF Wizards on-line capable. This now seems possible and we hope to release a new version in the New Year. […]


You run a case, cradle to grave, advising throughout. Prepare it for Crown Court trial and achieve an acquittal. On a scale of 1-5, 1 being excellent 5 being “Failure in Performance” how would you rate that case? Update Using the same scale as above how would you rate the sending of a close of […]

Claims Direct 

More joined up government.

Tailored Fixed Fee Taxation Shocker 

Those submitting claims for “exceptional” Legal Help matters (over 3X your TFF) know that these are subject assessment. On the basis of yesterdays experience this “assessment” is not a standard line-by-line taxation but rather a very broad brush “Singh” assessment. Oh yes you have a right of appeal but only to a CC at Liverpool […]

Political Broadcast 

I have spent all today looking at an Immigration CCA appeal based almost entirely proof of means issues. What an infuriating rule. No one involved in this business thinks these are ineligible clients. We must however engage in this shadow boxing regarding what is and isn’t acceptable proof of their lack of means. Neither has […]

A Tip and A Thought 

If, in the Tailored Fixed Fee scheme, your average reported profit costs slip 20% below your fixed fee the LSC can reduce this, with retrospective effect. Monitoring your average against the TFF is therefore vital. We have observed this occur on a couple of occasions now. The first tip is simply to argue your corner. […]

Almost Constructive 

I say almost because it is inevitably frustrating when you have to use the best part of a day proving the obvious. Constructive – they, the LSC, have gone away with no concerns about the firm’s control of PACE costs and probably with an enhanced view of its management systems. We slaved over a hot […]

League Against Cruel Sports 

Just been assisting clients prepare for a High Cost PACE audit tomorrow. We’ve got some strong arguments not least a trend line on a graph showing the firm reducing the average over the last 18 months. There are loads of other things the stats say too. All this is possible because they use our CDS […]