If you’ve not come across this type of site before it is a weblog (or blog as they are more commonly known). This is the latest JRS venture and one we hope it will become a valuable resource and a “favourite” you visit as a matter of routine.
The primary aim is to allow us regularly to communicate our experience of working with legal aid practitioners. We come across a story most days which is likely to be of interest to someone out there. We would like this communication to be reciprocal and the site to be a place where information is exchanged.
Those of you who know us will also be aware are not without opinions regarding the publicly funded scheme. We hope that this will become a forum where lively debate of current issues takes place. Join in — either via the comments box or by submitting an article of your own to “post”. The comments boxes are open to all.
Add the address to your favourites or bookmarks and get involved.

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    They are mainly self-evident, they are also easy to remember. The one’s you are likely to need are
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