A Jury of Your Peers

The LSC have finally called our bluff. Many of us have made the not unreasonable observation that all pre existing assessment methods are not qualitative. We are now faced with the “gold standard” of quality assessment – file review by specially selected fellow lawyers. Boxed into this corner how to respond?
The LAPG make some thoughtful observations here. We too have our reservations not least that some of our thoroughly competent clients have experienced the indignity of being deemed not so on assessment.
The primary objection would seem to be that this is practically little more than “transaction criteria” by Solicitor, rather than the original LSC version. Regardless it is clear that his will become a key element of the new audit regime and one that requires urgent consideration (today’s files are next year’s sample!).
To this end we are training on the issue at four venues this month. See below for details or contact us via the phone numbers or e-mail address on the left.

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