Stop me if you’ve heard this before 

With a sinking heart I have to report two more depressing calls in the last few hours. The first is from a further firm caught in the “reduce PACE costs” corporate target – an examination of all recent investigation claims is to follow. He was particularly miffed having given up 2 days of the weekend […]

Talking Tough 

“This might sound tough, but it?s simply about applying the quality standards that are already in place. Achieving this target is clearly vital if we are to ensure the quality of the services clients receive and make best use of limited resources to fund as many acts as assistance as possible?.(Sic) Thus the LSC explain […]

Dress Down Friday 

A short, slightly flippant post for a Friday inspired by Michael Buerk’s courting of controversy earlier in the week. With his views in the ether I had a look at the LSC corporate plan this week. It is available on their website (which at time of writing is unavailable so sorry for the lack of […]

Lost in Translation II 

Unsurprisingly Immigration suppliers also face new and demanding statistical hurdles under LSC Corporate Targets which can be read in summary in Focus 48. A target of a 40% “success” rate in asylum cases, by April 2006, is to be “explored in discussion” with underachieving firms with the aim of agreeing an “action plan which will […]

Lost in Translation 

Focus 48 arrived last week and can also be found here. Much of interest especially on Preferred Suppliers. This week however we are interesting in translating the LSC?s ?Corporate Targets? as discussed at page four of this issue. This post involves the intention to reduce Police Station costs by 5% by “focussing on solicitors offices […]

Back to Work 

Just back from holiday with an exciting tale to tell regarding an airline company for those interested. The first day in-tray is pretty much as one would expect, not least with regard to ongoing CCA appeals. Most interestingly there is to be a Cost Appeal Committee or a Contract Review Body meeting concerning “general findings” […]


Simon is on holiday so apologies for the lack of entries. LSC issues are like buses, nothing for ages then two come at once. In a period of just two days JRS have come across two unprecedented issues (unless of course you know different). The first related to a Category 1 firm in Lancaster. The […]

Quite SOOPER after all 

Just spent a happy couple of hours demonstrating that one of the “out of profile” firms referred to in the “SOOPER” threads below is not so. Rather than having escalating average Police Station claims the undeniable trend is downwards. This was only possible after they had input over 3000 claims into our CDS 6 Wizard. […]

Sods Law II 

The silence is further shattered by a number of panic calls from the more senior end of the Criminal Defence fraternity. They all ask: “Will I have to do the Duty Solicitor accreditation? It will be like retaking my driving test and I could well fail!” This stampede seems to have been sparked by a […]

Sods Law 

Minutes after posting the entry below lo and behold the phone goes. It?s a client with a Peer Review request. Not the full scheme but part of the ?research project?. This involves a sample of private law children act matters only, and not a stratified sample. Disturbingly there are a high (and disproportionate) number of […]