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Just back from holiday with an exciting tale to tell regarding an airline company for those interested.
The first day in-tray is pretty much as one would expect, not least with regard to ongoing CCA appeals. Most interestingly there is to be a Cost Appeal Committee or a Contract Review Body meeting concerning “general findings” tomorrow. The seeming merger of these bodies is interesting in and of itself however the importance of substantive issue will be obvious to most practitioners.
We also have had a very positive result in this regard from a recent CC hearing. The committee simply determined, without any of the jurisdictional issues to be considered tomorrow, that the findings were genuine mistakes and that this should not therefore be extrapolated offer a 12-month period. Unsurprisingly the Regional Director has self-certified a PoP to challenge this.
We will keep you up to date – if you have outstanding extrapolation issues please get in touch.
Tomorrows hearing of the CAC/CRB has been adjourned this gives firm’s a bit more time to get in touch if they have similar concerns.

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