Below Competent ? 

Peer Review is quickly becoming the issue of the month this trend continuing with my viewing of a second “Below Competent” outcome. The files, in a civil category, seem perfectly competent to me. It seems worth briefly commenting upon three themes this reveiw has in common with this case. The “feel” of the negative comments […]

Get Carter 

Our mini training tour starts today. Places still available.

Oh a bit of Politics! 

A bit like the advice not to work with children and animals is that about when and where to discuss politics – in this case not in a work related blog. I could not however pass this article by especially as it refers to “lawyers”. The (offending) paragraph reads as follows: Not surprising, then, that […]


I trained on Peer Review yesterday and both Andy and I did mini PR checks on some clients files. Usually we whiz thorough a sample of files spotting the SQM or CCA issues with the speed and trained eyes you would expect of people of our age and experience This however is a very different […]

Two Quick Points 

ONE I am reminded, by a request made yesterday, that the side bar linking to firm’s web-sites is sorely under used (only 4 to date of around 30 daily visitors). If you want a connection to your firm’s site simply e-mail the url and we will put up a link. No exams, no censorship and […]

The Jury is Out 

Todays hearing went ok I think. If we lose the two main issues we certainly have scope to consider PoPs. The Commissions tenacity with reagrd to these final hearings still suprises me. It is as though the money “saved” was going into their own back pockets. Twice today they sought to introduce new “de novo” […]

Remember When? 

Do you remember this CCA issue? The CC Chairman directed that we have the records translated into English and we duly did. Today the LSC have accepted these and further reduced the audit rating which is now tantalisingly close to a Category 1. A further hearing will be needed however.

The Week Ahead 

A mixed bag of activities awaits me this week. Tomorrow an almost obligatory trip to “that” London is in store. This is in advance of a CC hearing on Wednesday, yet again this is one that I really do not think should be going ahead but they are not for budging! Thursday has me training, […]

Get Carter 

It is now official. (Well at least there’s a report in What Car?). What we have been pointing out for years is true, fat cat lawyers earn less than car mechanics. With scary coincidence the standard out-of-London preparation rate, for mainstream CDS work, is exactly the same as the lower range of garage charges identified […]

Not Gone Away 

One of my tasks in London was a chat with a Solicitor facing a High Cost PACE visit from the LSC in the near future. He seems to me to have very strong arguments, high percentage of Duty work and some truly exceptional claims which skew the average. The LSC don’t even seem to have […]