Driving Test Retakes 

We have discussed this issue before. Yesterday you should have received a letter about this. Now I’m not one to cast aspersions. I would bet good money however that it is likely that by now this correspondence is unread and filed someplace where it is never going to be. (We have just “market tested” this […]

Welfare News 

I don’t want to treat this headline story flippantly though the temptation is obvious. I have to say that given the experience of the last two years I am not surprised.

Alarm Clock 

A return to a “popular” subject as again I’m shouting at an (un)lucky bunch of lawyers this pm. Before that though I am having a long look at some of their files to give me a bit of ammo for the afternoon session. This is becoming an increasing part of our work and so our […]

Guest Posts 

Below we run a guest post from IT firm Afentis. In the past we have run short pieces by other organisations such as the Institute of Prison Law and we regularly post info from our friends at the LAPG and CLSA. With traffic through the site increasing and to break the tedium of endless posts […]

Don?t know your ASCII from your elbow? 

IT Forensic specialists Afentis have published the slides from their recent seminar into advances in cyber-crime and how the legal community are shaping up to deal with ever increasing numbers of digital evidence exhibits. Confused about the black art of data recovery or how criminals are tied to the scene of the crime with cell […]

Acronym Overkill 

As the LAPG point out the LSC have announced their CLS strategy. Central to this are CLACs and CLANs. None the wiser? read on….

Final Tour Dates 

We can now confirm the final details for the Preferred Supplier and Peer Review training tour. Initially we intended just to do the latter however when the PSS consultation hit desks we thought it made sense to cram a briefing in on the mornings at the same venue. We have as promised added a London […]

On My Radio 

Ian Kelcey (scroll down a bit) has just been on my radio (BBC 5 Live) talking about the problem of being locked in interview rooms with criminal cleints. Today’s a day when I am doing jobs relating to 2 Internal Reviews (one heading for JR), a CCA appeal, a Costs appeal and a Peer Review […]

Cash Flow Benefits 

In recent times we have discussed this issue a bit. We have heard from two firms who have attempted to assert their rights to the “pull forward” described in the Commissions letter of 2000. It is also we think a Criminal Contractual right. The first firm is awaiting an answer and the account manager has […]

Edited Highlights 

Do you subscribe to this publication? Its strap line, ” the eyes and ears of the the legal aid profession” is pretty close to the mark – though I’m biased as I do the odd 500 words a month for it. It’s founding editor Fiona Bawdon moved on recently and her replacement Jon Robins has […]