More Shouting at People 

Slightly later than originally promised, due to the intervention of the Carter proposals, we are about to tour an updated version of our Peer Review course. The course – Are you Competent: A Guide to Peer Review – grapples with the requirements of this largely unnoticed addition to the assessment process. This is an issue […]

More News 

A mole tells me that this needs updating. Aparrently Leeds RD Peter Nelson has landed both posts with Nicola moving into project work. Best wishes (no really) to both.

One Cheery Bit of News 

It looks as though we got a result on this this one which is remarkably similar to this one. One might conclude that the assessors are operating to a completely different definition of “reasonableness” than Cost Committees and that the message is not filtering back from these final determinations. Isn’t it a simple management task […]