Breaking News 

Hot on the heels of the Carter review comes the long anticipated Preferred Supplier Scheme. The consultation is launched today. On a first read the three key factors that stand out are: It will become exclusive (by 2009) It will have “significantly higher up-front entry criteria” Will rely upon and expand remote performance management All […]

Answers on an E-Mail 

Just had a phone call from a firm shortly to convert to an LLP. The LSC have been made aware of this and have requested personal guarantees from the current partners. Other clients tell us they have converted with no such request. As below any experiences of this would be gratefully received.

Cash Flow Improvement 

On Friday I briefly mentioned the issue of contract reconciliation. Since the publishing of their Corporate Targets last summer LSC Account Managers have been trying to balance individual contracts for the end of this month/year. This is an old battle. It is also one that has resulted in a number of outcomes. The essential position […]