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Once again you will have to get your snail mail copy of the Gazette out of its plastic bag to read the lead story. (As ever their web site only has last weeks headlines).
This weeks issue leads with “Solicitors hit out at LSC supplier scheme”. It summarises some of LAPGs initial response plus quotes Stephen Hewitt of Fisher Meredith who, hitherto, has been a keen proponent of the scheme having taken his firm through the pilot. Much of this you know if you have read the posts below.
Most interesting however are the final two paragraphs which veer off into Peer Review and quote the motion to be put before Law Society Council next week. It is one which concurs with our own views:
“peer review for legal aid practitioners is no longer supportable in the absence of any increase in rates of publicly funded criminal defence work”
And to evidence this are the review results I have in front of me today. 10 bullet points, only one extending to a substantive paragraph, on one side of A4 to tell an over 20 year experienced lawyer that he is “below competent”.
Mandate you regional LS Council rep today.
Belated Link to the Gazette Story

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