Some Bad News and Some Good

A couple of quick points – on my way out for another day of shouting.
We have fielded lots of questions recently regarding (re)accreditation for existing Duty Solicitors. It now seems that the issue has raised its head again and is a news story on page 5 of this weeks Gazette (yes regulars, no link to the tinternet version is possible as once again they are at least a day behind on the web). It seems that something is moving under the “impetus” of the Carter Review. Portfolio preparation ahoy!
On contract reconciliation we have generally found firms being assertively pressed into balancing their contracts to 100% by the end of this month. This runs counter to the promise to reconcile to 110% or to always allow a month payment to be carried forward. The latter is now confirmed by an eagle eyed reader in the Midlands who has a letter from the then RD confirming the latter. If you are having such difficulties with the LSC get in touch.
Here is the Gazette article.

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