Found It 

I blame coming back from holidays, a dose of Cairo belly and then having to shout at 80 delegates for 10 hours, but try as I might I could not find this document the other day. It is a new guide to Crime PR compliance from the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies prefaced by Prof. […]

Lovely Soup 

I never quite trust evaluation feedback on training courses. Even if you think it is a good course which has gone well you remain suspicious that it is similar to the polite praise for a meal one receives from a house guest. Vanity however encourages acceptance and these therefore appear to be pretty good courses. […]

Trust Exercises 

Informal soundings at Leeds/Bradford yesterday (thats our training course and not the airport) indicate that this was both timely and accurate. Two two further firms report feeling the pinch of this new aspect of partnership working. These revelations followed the morning session when we had been discussing the Preferred Supplier Scheme. The LSC’s chief aim […]