Guess The Topic 

Another notification of a “below competent” Criminal Peer Review outcome to take the shine of what had been a good day so far. It is also, in my view, another perfectly competent practice with a great local reputation. With this in mind three points ONE Preferred Supplier and Peer Review Training LONDON – Tuesday 13th […]

CLS/CDS Bran Tub 

Thanks to our brilliant antipodean techie our long awaited resources page containing all our FREE resources is now available on the site. They are largely in PDF format and Microsoft Word versions are available direct from our Middlesbrough office. There are a couple of missing which we will sort by next week. Have a dip […]

You Heard it Here Third 

Clare Dodgson’s reign at the LSC is at an end. The LAPG also comment on the story. Having suffered back pain over the years I can only express my sympathy too. Is anyone running a book on a likely successor?

Bank Holiday Tuesdays 

We usually experience a quiet Tuesday following a Monday Bank Holiday. Is this due to the traditional extra holiday enjoyed by many law firms or is this practice now dying out. If you are in work (or reading this at home) let us know you experience.

Fantastic News 

Do you need cheering up in advance of another wet Bank Holiday weekend? Then mail me and I think I can do just that – and explain why I can’t be more explicit here.

The Edge of Reason 

Nobody we know struck off this week but bad news on the front cover of the Gazette for the remaining Immigration suppliers. We have already had a scuffle, if not a fully fledged fist fight, on this issue (it was the one when this happened). It does now look as though we will have to […]

Wonders Never Cease 

No time for my planned, longer post on a Peer Review appeal outcome (more gloomy news I’m afraid) as I am off to Manchester for the NW Legal Services Conference. 20 lucky punters get 45 mins of me on “Audits” mid afternoon. And it is optional!!

Media Watch Vol. II 

Someone else spotted, and now comments upon, the attacks on legal aid for parole hearings we discussed here.

Hanging on the Telephone 

Last night I had one of those after hours phone bonanzas you occasionally get in this business. This at a time when Orange reception at my home has become almost impossible. First call was the perennial shall I/shan’t I go for an enhancement on a CDS 7 claim. The clients overriding concern was, with Preferred […]

Call to Arms 

I don’t believe we are the only legal blog. There are blogging communities in all sort of realms, sport, music, politics and even I am told sex. In these e-villages people contact each other, swap stories and links and consequently expand. It might be that what we, and you, are involved in too small and […]