Once more unto the breach..

Another issue which looks set to run and run is this one.
A client reports having been to a “CCA road-show” run by the new Mental Health units. They propose, identically to the very many immigration audits we all have witnessed, retrospectively to apply a significantly more draconian interpretation of contract and cost assessment guidance without consultation nor forewarning. Nothing new there then.
Most instructive are the following statistics garnered at the seminar:
“The LSC said the 2 units have to date conducted 21 audits, 7 of which are cat 1?(3 of those were Liverpool audits) 2 cat 2 and 13 cat 3. They are waiting to see how the appeals work out!”
So 62% of MH practitioners have not been complying with contract to such an extent that they will now face contract notices and the LSC has not spotted this to date (including on previous CCAs).
Hopefully Cost Committees will see through this nonsense.

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