Oh To Be In The Right 

I know there have been a couple of cryptic posts recently and that this is another one but its just so nice to be told when you are right and the LSC is “wrong”. This a finding on the consideration of a PoP by Cost Appeal Committee. What is interesting is that no PoP was […]

Highway Code Time 

In March we had a lot of calls about driving test retakes. If you have not removed yesterdays Gazette from its plastic bag yet (n.b. don’t place plastic bags over your head) you might not be aware that this is back on the agenda. Peer Review, Carter, Preferred Supplier and now this. Time to revise […]


This in the e mail: We’ve just confirmed a new seminar with Lincoln House Chambers looking at ‘the role of digital evidence in modern justice’ – free session with CPD credit and a complimentary reference book for all delegates. There’s more info and a copy of the invitation notice available online. If this site had […]