Exam Time

Question 1
The LSC have not advertised the vacant Chief Executive post in the Law Society Gazette. Is this because:
A. It is not a good advertising medium because people only read the SDT findings to see who has been struck off this week.
B. An advert in The Times meets their equal opportunity requirements and they have somebody lined up.
C. They are relying mainly on the use of head-hunters.
D. They are not looking for lawyers, or anyone like them for that matter.
E. All of the above.
So far we have received only one nomination for the Peoples Commissar for Justice, former LAB Leeds Area RD Glenys Stacey. Any further suggestions gratefully received.
An eagle eyed friend of the site has informed us that they advertised in the Gazette last week. WHOOPS. (It is towards the back and after the articles).
However for the sake of balance, we constantly criticise them for their mistakes, I will leave the offending post up rather than delete it. Look we make mistakes too!
And to the VIP who suggested I should apply this is another compelling demonstration (amongst many others) as to why I am not “demonstrably fit for purpose”.

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