More Gloom 

Sorry but I can’t avoid bringing you this quote from Lord Falconer in the Telegraph. When Lord Falconer says “consult”, he presumably means “impose”. “That, I’m afraid, is the right word,” he replies. By law, there would have to be consultation. But Lord Falconer’s ultimatum to the lawyers this weekend is a stark one: do […]

Further Disappointment 

My blog is worth $0.00.How much is your blog worth? Didn’t want to sell it anyhow!!

First the Good News.. 

It appears that the MHLA inspired Judicial Review against the new specialist unit, contract compliance audits has at least stayed the first round of appeal hearings. Lets hope for a result at full time as well. Less good news comes from the second PR appellant to go through the process with a confirmed cat 4 […]