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I cannot provide a direct download link to this this consultation document because it is “too large”! (It is the top item on the right hand side download list).
I thought my post below was pretty nifty work but to get this out the next day is brilliant. Hats off to those at the LSC who have clearly worked throughout last night. You ain’t going to get me doing that tonight.
Hat Tip
Nigel Ford (as ever)
A very quick breeze through the executive summary gives you the following key points:
New contracts April next year (unified with the NfP scheme). Minimum fund take volumes of 25 or 50K will be required and there will not be a general bid round but you are not guaranteed a contract. Cat. 3 CCA and those with bad audit results can be excluded. Licence only contracts are to go and key SQM points will be made into contract requirements. Quality requirements will be a PR score of 2 or above. Annual 100% reconciliation of contract will be introduced. Finally a move to fixed and graduated fees will take place.
More on Monday no doubt have a good weekend – I won’t I’ll be reading and re-reading all this stuff – hopefully outside in the sun with the lovely Stella to hand.

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3 comments on “Fast Work

  • A quick click in Acrobat on file>properties will show that the document was created on the 12th July so not quite overnight, however the cynic in me says that this was prepared in conjunction with their report, oops sorry, I meant to type Carter’s report.

  • Didn’t think of trying that – nice one. I had my tongue in cheek too, either that or a room filled with an infinate number of PS and an infinate number of accounts managers

  • Its Ok everybody all we have to do is trust the commission. And remember several years ago we effectively sold our souls on the basis of a body called the CRB which met monthly and was an independent decision making body? Just have a look at 11.59 “The CRB is the LSC’s final decision making body. It is not an independent decision-maker.” But its all ok because “The LSC has now had seven years experience of such issues and …. have no wish to make poor decisions and to lose subsequent legal actions”.
    And remember if you get an awkward client at the door beware they could be the commissions mystery shopper! see clause 11.44.
    Finally don’t panic contracts always include safeguards for both parties don’t they? Not anymore do they because do you know what some providers have been intent on causing difficulties so “these formal safeguards will be removed from the Unified Contract”
    And as Simon rightly points out if you were grateful for the LSC paying you an amount for work in progress as formally written in to the criminal contract you can kiss that goodbye as well now reconciliation will be at 100%.
    Don’t want to give the LSC full access to your accounts then don’t contract with them after all such an “open book” arrangement is consistent with the relationship we are aiming for with our providers” Clause 11.34
    Oh and finally this really did make me laugh “The Contract will allow the LSC to specify the technical functionality of providers case management systems etc AS THESE ARE NO LONGER EXPENSIVE PURCHASES….we consider this justifiable! Clause 11.36
    Read it and weep!!!