New On-Line CDS 6 Wizard

Our original CDS 6 Wizard was a result of strong prophetic powers and a moment of inspiration. Having spent yesterday analysing data to assist a firm frame its thinking about Carter, our hunch that maintaining a record of all contract billing data would be vital has proved spot on. (I am most smug and self satisfied that we had this vision as long ago as 1999, (although it realisation took a little longer).
Today we launch an “on-line” version for firms wishing to bill in this more secure manner and in advance of it becoming mandatory. This version has nothing to do with any of the above, rather it is down to a young man with a very big brain called Adam Mallinson who works for Bassra Solicitors in Bradford.
It works pretty much as before, with a couple of extra buttons, but requires personalisation e.g. passwords and LA account numbers. This time round we would like to monitor how many firms are using it and also to avoid mistakes we will customise it for you. Consequently we want to release it on a request only basis, rather than have it available on download here. So if you want one, and it is still free give us a ring or an e-mail. We will require your full LA account number.
Finally, on behalf of all users, can I thank Adam and Ray, his boss, for taking this product to this new level of sophistication. Thanks.

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