Mixed Bag 

It is a thoroughly Peer Review day here today. Andy and I are testing our consistency in arriving at categorisations and later I am off to talk to a North East firm about helping them confront this new assessment process. In the background I can hear Sandra talking to people about live file requests and […]

Look Sharp 

Here is a letter from Richard Miller I thought best to share with you. Dear all, I don’t know whether any of you downloaded the electronic version of the Carter consultation paper on the day of publication. If like me you did, then the chances are that on page 29, you have the wrong table […]

Slow Train Coming 

I now have sight of the letter sent to those firms in line for a “priority” Criminal Peer Review. These firms have recently undertaken a VHCC under contract and therefore might reasonably be expected to “express interest” in membership of the new panel. Carter is somewhat unclear about the final PR categorisation, the LSC less […]

Quieten Down at the Back 

Does this article suggest that the Carter tide is beginning to turn? Certainly Childcare lawyers might feel slightly heartened. Who said a bit of old fashioned heckling doesn’t work.

We Have Lift Off 

As anticipated here PR requests are hitting desks and consequently phone calls are coming through to JRS world. The prospect of this new type of assessment does of course lead to a great deal of anxiety not least because it is effectively retrospective. There is also little one can do in the short period allowed […]

The Message 

Have just finished my first criminal contract compliance audit in some time. In many ways it is a classic of the genre. Out of twenty files it comes down to two proceedings class claims. One is an HSF reduced to an LSF on assessment, the other an unfortunately correct allegation of “claim splitting” (wrongly claiming […]

Gone Fishing 

Yesterday I got embroiled in business technicalities, banks, accountants, cars and the like. All the stuff I hate and know most of you do too. This has left me effectively a day behind this week, with a couple of deadlines looming. The one interesting call of the day so far, not that enhancement and other […]

Debt Collectors 

Pull the curtains and hide behind the sofa the bailiffs are here! A phone call with Andy, and one from a disgruntled CDS practitioner, shows that we are concerned with contract reconciliation matters today. And that’s not all. Both Andy and Steve have been at this for a good part of the week. We consequently […]

Hitch Hikers Guide 

If you you were concerned about this, read this and rejoice. The moral of the day – Don’t panic until you have to.

Same Old etc. 

Just lodged a CCA appeal, did an IR yesterday, dealt with a panicky CDS lawyer and made a decision over Xmas party date and venue. I sit here with a bad neck waiting for Parcelfarce to deliver the next appeal trying to work on course notes for this. Who says it all change!