Long Live the Queen

We have a new leader. Before you peek, have a guess where she comes from?
Thanks to Andrew Keogh in the comments below.
Richard Miller for LAPG comments:
“Ms Regan will be taking over at the LSC in the middle of the consultation on the Carter reforms. It will prove a real baptism of fire. We wish her all the best, and look forward to working with her to find a way forward that will enable solicitors to carry on providing their local communities with the services they need.”
Of Brian Harvey’s retirement: “Brian has been part of the LSC for almost as long as any of us can remember. He will be remembered for his commitment to clients, his no-nonsense approach, and his determination to try to find solutions, however uncomfortable they might be. I hope he will now enjoy a well-deserved rest.”

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3 comments on “Long Live the Queen

  • It would appear that she has ample experience of dealing with the sick and wounded. Should be perfect in that respect. Whether the procurer or supplier is the more sick and wounded remains a matter for debate….

  • Hopefully the Legal Services Commission, after she commences her role will reduce her pay by 30%, as she should learn to be more efficient in performing the Chief Executive’s job, this would also help her to empathise with the plight of public funding firms.

  • Her trust is only 7 million in deficit.