The Message

Have just finished my first criminal contract compliance audit in some time. In many ways it is a classic of the genre. Out of twenty files it comes down to two proceedings class claims. One is an HSF reduced to an LSF on assessment, the other an unfortunately correct allegation of “claim splitting” (wrongly claiming more than one standard fee for a single case). We might just reverse the first, though it will be very close, probably, and again classically, it might come down to a couple of units either side of the lower limit. With the second case we have a convoluted technical defence which, hopefully, will succeed once again. Watch this space – in about three months time probably.
On a similar theme Andy recently spent a day with one of our most switched on CDS suppliers and identified a basic, and long-standing, billing error. Looking at yesterdays sample, and thinking of the above problem, the message, that near perfect criminal billing remains a major priority, still has a great deal of force.

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