Busy day yesterday and another day of shouting planned for today. This has involves a variety of matters, cost assessment appeals, advice on two CCA results and some preparation for later on this morning.
Perhaps most interestingly, well to us, are the two proposed off-site “file assessments” which have appeared in the last two days. Both involve a targeted sample of criminal files which plainly are looking at high cost PACE claims and the billing of certain categories of magistrates court cases.
Both involve trends or billing patterns easily discernible from management data such as the Contract Management Review Criteria. This reinforces the message that understanding the LSCs statistical take on your firm plays an important role in keeping you out of their cross-hairs.

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  • Yes but what can you do to alter their statistical take on your firm? It happened to me. My claims were high because the clients had been arrested for some very heavy duty stuff.

  • Monitor, and be prepared to tell them if they ask – more often than not there is a rational explanation.