Blogging on the Road

As you may have gathered I spent much of this week travelling between training venues. It has also been a week that has required work in other areas of my role in JRS. Consequently, just like this post, it has required much dictation down mobile phone lines. I have done this on handset free in lay-bys, in motorway service stations, hotel rooms and now from one of those modern coffee establishments old-timers like me fail to fully understand (why is there no such thing as a standard white coffee anymore?)
That aside, today I had some good news. Our second longest contract compliance appeal concluded positively yesterday with the client firm returning to Category 1. This is a victory for common sense which has been very happily welcomed by the firm. It is also worth mentioning the significant contribution to this result made by Mr Nicholas Armstrong of Tooks Chambers in London.
I now am off to my training venue, having also spent 20 minutes on the phone with a paranoid senior partner who is extremely nervous about his Peer Review sample. Hopefully today I have been able to put someone

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