CLAC on Regardless

If you remember this you might be interested in this update.
A4E (Action for Employment) are the firm to which we referred with regard to Leicester. They seem not to have bid for that project but as you will see perhaps remain in the running for Gateshead. It seems clear that interest in the issue here has dissuaded them from tendering – henceforth this will be know as the “Curse of Disclosure”.
More seriously the distinct lack of interest these numbers demonstrate must be of concern to the LSC, despite their spokeswomen’s valiant defence. They also suggest that Carters caution regarding the civil and family market is well founded and that bold market remedies like these might not be the way forward. With 70 more of these to float perhaps a strategy to utilise the skills of the pre-existing network, of specialist advice businesses, (called Solicitors) could be considered.
Meanwhile were there a web-cam in this office one imagines viewing scenes of jubilation seasoned with much relief.

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