Robbing Hood 

The response does however confirm that they should, in crime at least, provide a “positive balance of 7.5%”. This is a quote from this post below. Today we had a rare visitor to the pulsing heart of the JRS Empire – Queensway House. She was a somewhat perplexed visitor having just been told by her […]

Are We Really All In This Together? 

This assertion – that we are all in this together so must work together – is the “overall message”, spoken in a “conciliatory tone”, by the new LSC Chief Exec Carolyn Regan at the end of a double page interview in this mornings Gazette. Now I have not met Ms Regan, nor seen her in […]

Second Shots 

Here is the CLSA’s response: Lord Carters direction of travel has today been identified by the Department for Constitutional Affairs as the Way Ahead. The Criminal Law Solicitors Association, along with other organisations and individuals, submitted a very detailed response to the recent consultation, contributing to the more than 2000 responses received, the vast majority […]

First Shots 

As ever the LAPG get their retaliation in first: The Governments announcement following consultation on Lord Carters reforms amounts to no more than a stay of execution for legal aid firms, according to LAPG Director Richard Miller. Vulnerable clients can have little confidence that they will be able to get the legal advice they need […]

The Way Ahead? 

Here it is – Legal Aid Reform: the Way Ahead. Just published, off to read it, more thoughts later!! UPDATE October Revolution I have scan read the document which is frankly disappointing. Whilst not “full speed ahead” the only significant concessions are on the implementation timetable or by making earlier proposals subject to a bit […]

Running out of Time 

Yesterdays penultimate Cost Committee hearing may well not be that with perhaps two more remaining. (Todays was cancelled yesterday afternoon leaving me with a free day). It was quite a low key affair with the now standard panel of two and no presenting officer as all five cases were CDS 7 matters. Felt we got […]

Here We Go Again 

As I head to what I hope will genuinely be my penultimate Cost Committee hearing we receive the first outcome of an appeal sent to an “Independent Funding Review Adjudicator”. The result is an alarming one for those who questioned this change in procedure and the loss of the right to a hearing. The first […]

This Mornings Incoming 

By spooky coincidence we have received an Internal Review result related to yesterdays last post. Unsurprisingly it does not go in the firm’s favour, this despite years of mismanagement of the contract by the LSC. The response does however confirm that they should, in crime at least, provide a “positive balance of 7.5%”. We have […]

Service Endorsement 

I cannot vouch for the quality of this organisation having never used them. I do however have a great amount of respect for the man behind it. He was one of the few very good practice managers I have met over the last decade and he knows the business inside out. On that basis I […]


The sheer weight of telephone traffic between us and clients over Contract reconciliation issues and Standard Monthly Payments (SMPs) convinces me we are in the grip of more than just one or two over zealous Account Managers. Recently we ran a successful Internal Review over the issue and have a couple teetering on the brink […]