The sheer weight of telephone traffic between us and clients over Contract reconciliation issues and Standard Monthly Payments (SMPs) convinces me we are in the grip of more than just one or two over zealous Account Managers. Recently we ran a successful Internal Review over the issue and have a couple teetering on the brink […]

Advanced Warning 

Regular readers will know that my musical collaboration with my brother is called “slow time mondays”. We are having a Christmas Special on 14th December. Monies raised will be split between an orphanage where my brothers god daughter has just completed from a six month voluntary stint and an aids clinic my sons girlfriend has […]

More Meanz 

The LSC describe them as “important changes” the Gazette as a “climb down”. Spin aside the pressure exerted by the profession has had some impact on the CDS means test, the “highlights” are: An extended 5 day time limit for extra cover. Exemptions to the partner signature requirement. Orders to be dated to start from […]

Quality Guides Again 

The tour bus (aka my car) has gone in for some necessary nurturing following the now complete trip around the UK. We had pretty much a home crowd yesterday at Leeds to finish off. One of the delegates we know reported a Competent + outcome to a recent VHCC instigated review which is encouraging. As […]