More Meanz

The LSC describe them as “important changes” the Gazette as a “climb down”. Spin aside the pressure exerted by the profession has had some impact on the CDS means test, the “highlights” are:
An extended 5 day time limit for extra cover.
Exemptions to the partner signature requirement.
Orders to be dated to start from date of submission.
A tick box for 16/17 year olds with no income.

The Law Society still wants a full review and Richard Miller at the LAPG spots the following continuing problems:

“These welcome changes will go some way towards addressing some of the many problems that have arisen. But in the light of recent experience, solicitors will take a lot of convincing that they can safely act at the first hearing. More importantly, these changes will not help vulnerable clients whose applications are refused because the computer wrongly indicates that they are not receiving passporting benefits, or who are unable to provide the information demanded, for example because of mental health issues, or a recent change in their means for which there is no documentary evidence.”

Keep up the pressure however you can’t wear your “What Price Justice?” badge in Court – well in Stoke at least!

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