More Questions than Answers

Regulars will know that we have been watching the proposals for changes to cost appeals for some time now.
Yesterday saw the first indication that these are being implemented. I was instructed to represent a client at a CC regarding a significant reduction on a CDS 7. The firm have been told however that the case has already been forwarded to a single adjudicator and we will receive the results later. We will then only have the opportunity (usually in vain) to get a “point of principle” certified.
I have not seen anything on this above that linked to in the earlier post. (It might be that as we are not a law firm we have not seen the relevant correspondence if so we be grateful for a fax). Should there not be some contract changes however? Do these exist? Beyond that what are the new arrangements? What happened to the suggestion that there might be occasions where you can be represented? What about the opportunity to provide further written representations once the LSC have reviewed their original decision? Do we even get to see the appeal bundle?
Today could be my penultimate CC hearing then.

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  • The change took place on the 9 Oct all 3 contracts crime civil and nfp were amended from that date. The chances of ever getting to appear before a committee are slim to say the least. The vast majority of appeals will now be heard by a “Independent Funding Review Adjudicator”. Call me for more detail Simon. Nigel Ford IFRA !!!