Running out of Time

Yesterdays penultimate Cost Committee hearing may well not be that with perhaps two more remaining. (Todays was cancelled yesterday afternoon leaving me with a free day).
It was quite a low key affair with the now standard panel of two and no presenting officer as all five cases were CDS 7 matters. Felt we got a fair hearing which will one bit missing from the new schema.
In that regard it looks like the result I mentioned yesterday is not as draconian as reported to me by the firm (read the paperwork first yourself before blogging in future then Ed.) It looks as though s/he seriously thought about allowing less than the assessor, thinking the enhancement allowed “generous” but did not do so. As indicated yesterday I think that this possibility must surely lead to a reconsideration of CRIMLA 28 and 53 especially in light of R -v- Bhatti [2006] 2 Costs LR 356. Any comments very welcome and if you’d like a copy of that case give me a ring.

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