This Mornings Incoming

By spooky coincidence we have received an Internal Review result related to yesterdays last post.
Unsurprisingly it does not go in the firm’s favour, this despite years of mismanagement of the contract by the LSC.
The response does however confirm that they should, in crime at least, provide a “positive balance of 7.5%”.
We have been notified of another Competent + PR outcome, well done to those involved. Buoyed up with this result I am about to look through another live sample. The other result seen today (competent) confirms all the advice I have been giving on the recent tour. I will summarise this on Monday.
Finally we get news of the first successful representations against a PR finding – lifting the aspirant solicitor up to Comp Plus grade he needs to join the panel. We offered some technical advice so can, at least in part, chalk this one up as a result.
All in all a day which confirms my pessimism on contract reconciliation (albeit with the 7.5% sweetener) but challenges my preconceptions on “burnishing” and the PR representations process!

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