Travellers Rest (well tonight perhaps)

What seems a very long week is drawing to a close with only the simple matter of delivering three hours CPD training this pm to go. If the crowd is as engaged, discursive and feisty as in Cardiff on Wednesday then it will be less simple. Having just read the Gazette perhaps this is part of the reason for their energy. That said they were one of the liveliest crowds I’ve “shouted” at in recent times.
That was sandwiched between two of my remaining Cost Committee appointments (I will be back now in Manchester before the fall). One went reasonably well the other less so. Both, in different ways, demonstrated the strength and flaws of this system, however I remain convinced it is better than what is set to replace it. That said I will not miss hearings one bit notwithstanding the loss of income involved!
So a round trip from Middlesbrough to Manchester to Ross-on-Wye to Cardiff to London and home is done. (I have two warning lights on though for my troubles). Next week it is Brum and London.
The highlight of the week seeing one of these from my bedroom window here. The food and accommodation were good and good value also.

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