I have just spoken with someone with a current “below competence” rating about becoming Peer Reviewer (having been personally canvassed by the LSC both before, and now despite, this finding). The conversation veered into controversial territory around the question – does becoming a reviewer represent “collaboration” with the enemy? At one time, as a professional […]

Earth Calling… 

We know that some LSC people read this site (though none of them have requested a mouse mat yet – would it be a disciplinary offence?). On that basis here is a question that you might like to consider/answer. Option 2 in the “Slot Allocation” chapter of the Market Stability Measures (download link not possible) […]

New Year Resolution 

Our friends a the CLSA are holding a National Meeting, open to all CDS Solicitors, to discuss the current situation. It will be on 10th January 2007 at the NEC in Birmingham.