To The LSC – Our Thanks 

If you think we have only bad things to say about the LSC here goes. Many thanks for putting us on the Online Marketing list and consequently todays mail. This, in case you have missed it confirms new versions, mandatory from 2nd February, of the CDS 14 – 17 forms. Watch out for amendments to […]

CDS Harry Potter? 

The latest edition of the CDS 6 Wizard is now available to download on from the “Generators, Forms and Std Letters” box on the sidebar. It can be used as both an on and off line resource (you simply use the “Print CDS 6” button, and post it, if you don’t report on line yet. […]

Disappointed of Teesside 

The latest “after representations” CCA result has just been notified to us. It includes a percentage reduction of the alleged over-claim of 43% and a cost saving of