DSCC & CDS Direct 

It is proposed that all requests for publicly funded advice in the Police Station should be processed via the Duty Solicitor Call Centre from October 2007. CDS direct will then provide initial advice before deploying a duty firm where attendance was required. Dublin or Bangalore for the call centrers? We’ve a couple of good ones […]

Market Stability Measures 

To avoid lots of unintended consequences to his proposals, snap recruitment and sackings etc. Carter requested that a series of early, new rules be established so as to minimise this. There are 4 of these: Slot Allocation April to October 2007 Police Station rotas will allocated proportionately on the basis of the number of duty […]

We Have Lift Off 

I imagine that there will now be a series of posts here following on from this mornings statement of intent. You can download all the various documents here, including appendices. We cannot place direct downloads here to all of them due to their size so we decided the above link would be more useful. There […]

Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight 

Please keep us up to date about developments regarding the “two-day work to rule by angry criminal lawyers”. UPDATE A London solicitor tells us that the plans for the capital involve essentially prefiguring Carter and putting all own client work through a small number of advocates, acting as agents for the wider group of firms. […]

Don’t Like Mondays 

We sit here awaiting the publication of the much vaunted Carter changes “market stability measures”. (Sadly with far more anticipation than is healthy – but it’s too murky to “go out and get a life” frankly). We are passing the time by checking a live PR sample and helping with an application to become an […]