County Court System in “Chaos”

The BBC are runining this story quite heavily today. Marilyn Stowe has just been on Five Live reinforcing the Judges views and also contributing that the crisis in Legal Aid is not helping.
A cheery distraction from Carter don’t you think?

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3 comments on “County Court System in “Chaos”

  • Nice office that she has.

  • Its in Harrogate I think and I don’t think she does much legal aid any more however it was good of her to remember us!

  • Hi
    Im declaring a personal interest. Im married to a criminal law solicitor who runs a firm heavily dependent on legal aid and for 25 years Ive had to put up with police station call outs, duty solicitor at all times of the night, telephone calls from clients arrested and cancelled social arrangements, so I know exactly whats involved out of hours, and I know exactly how bad legal aid is.
    Every chance I get,I will keep banging on about legal aid!!! The interview on 5 Live wasnt about legal aid, but I got it in anyway!
    Marilyn Stowe