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There was a feature length piece on the PDS in last weeks Gazette. If you don’t want to read it all you can probably make an educated guess at the tone.
This quote from the Head of Service, Gaynor Ogden, caught my eye though:

“But we need to define what we are about and get our objectives straight. There is a conflict in being asked to deliver value for money and a quality service, but at the same time being asked to inform policy and be a test bed for service delivery, which affects our chargeable hours”. (Emphasis added)

This is a sentiment not lost on all the firms we work with on “quality” including those working on low Tailored Fixed Fees in civil categories as well as CDS suppliers.
I also notice that “Cheltenham and Darlington are now profitable”, knowing a bit about both towns I might add that there are reasons for this in comparison to the other presumably non-profitable offices.
I wonder what plans the LSC has for these two areas? Would this feature not have been a ideal opportunity to tell us?
My guess is that they will continue to “invest” not least that having disrupted fragile local markets they have some responsibility now not to withdraw.

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