Police Station Reforms

This batch of proposals for consultation can be sub divided into three:

Police Station Boundaries
Fixed Fees
New Working Arrangements

Here is a brief guide as to how access the information you will immediately want to see – if phone calls today are anything to go by.
There are a range of maps, broken down by Regional Office, at (Appendix G i-v – in the “Related Documents” box on right of the frame) which outline the new boundaries. We found that printing them on a page by page basis speeded things up. These will be implemented – along with the remaining proposals, in October this year.
Fixed Fees
These can then be referenced to the proposed standard fee, itemised against your new scheme boundary, in either Appendix A, B or C. (Ignore D – H for this purpose). These are inclusive of vat, exclusive of disbursements – for now, and include an “allowance” for travel and waiting.
The two options identified in Ap. A-C relate to the two proposed options for paying for exceptionally high cost cases or “escape” matters as they are now called. All such claims will be audited!
Working Arrangements
Slot allocation will work on a similar basis to the Market Stability Measures albeit against more up to date data and including both investigations and proceedings class work.
The other key ideas for consideration are a return of a proposed minimum volume contract

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  • 1st question answered, re. multiple contracts – they are permissible subject to minimum contract volume – one happy punter.