Spooky Coincidence

Just by chance I have just fielded a Devolved Powers query concerning claiming for emergency self grants (more later). The firm in question have also had cost reductions made for the very same Bradford – Keighley trip discussed previously. To enhance the scientific sample in yesterdays poll I asked about their expected journey time – was the reply “Oh about 14 minutes”? No – rather more like 40!
I am now going to road test Middlesbrough to Hartlepool from the office of some friends of this site. They say 29 minutes and I do think I can do it!!
More later.

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  • You know my views Simon but just for general viewing here are a couple of examples from our “tables”. Our office to Bloxwich PS 2.23 miles, time to achieve our destination 3 minutes 43 seconds. Now using my o level maths from the 80’s I reckon that gives us a required speed of approx 39 miles an hour presuming of course that I can run down my stairs to my car at that speed, negotiate the car park , start off at 39 mph and stop at that speed! Now from my office to Bloxwich there are effectively only 2 roads that I can take – have a guesss what the speed limit is on those roads? yes of course 30mph! Well I tried the top gear experiment both last night and this morning. Times taken without actually starting from my desk but the office door were 13.42 or 15.23 precisely, damn those pesky traffic lights and who just out of interest let those other cars on the road, don’t they know I am on very srict timetable!
    Our office to Walsall PS- the station is over the road and round the corner a bit, although we do have to cross the main A34 Walsall to Cannock road and in the past I have had one or two close shaves. Our time to accomplish the said feat from desk to police station front desk? 24.6 seconds! Just off to the local sports shop to get the staff their complimentary trainers and tracksuits – oh and by the way the builders are in on Monday to get rid of the stairs its a firemans pole from now on- now I know that causes one or two safety issues but we can’t have everything can we?
    Anyone else think that this is all becoming just a little bit stupid now?

  • As per Legal Services Commission recommendations, you just need to be more efficient. The use of modern technology can help your firm realise these efficiencies and achieve your targets. You have to embrace these technologies to attain the time and costs savings required to make criminal Legal Aid pay.
    Your post, whilst highly amusing, shows how firms are not thinking

  • I had hoped to use the

  • This journey, in the Wirral of all places, requires near warp speed of 67 mph on average
    0H858R 104 37 56.28 63.03YES A177 WIRRAL A151 ST HELENS, KNOWSLEY
    That must imply a breach of speed limits.