One Day I’ll Fly Away 

I am off on holiday on Sunday to the Land of the Giant Mouse although we will spend more time at Universal and Seaworld rather than with the superannuated rodent. (I have invites of hospitality from two clients too!). Perversely, you might say, I do have a bit of regret that I will miss the […]

Breaking News 

We understand that yesterday’s Law Society Council unanimously passed a motion of no confidence in the LSC over its conduct of contract negotiations. As you know, we are not ones who understand the nuances of such diplomacy. This however seems pretty much as close to the type of language we would use in the circumstances, […]

Contract Negotiations 

We commented upon LSC Chief Executive Carloyn Regan’s letter on the unified contract yesterday. Her opposite number at the Law Society, Des Hudson, has the following to say in response: “Your letter is also a plain distortion of the Law Society’s position on the unified legal aid contract. The Society has sought throughout to alert […]