Contract, Contract, Contract

Thanks to Anon in the comments box who provides a link to the Law Society’s take on the new unified contract. (Anon, why not adopt a pseudonym so we can differentiate between you and the rest of the Anon family).
I also hear that the new Immigration contract is out today. Doubtless the inbuilt advantage to the NfP sector will now disappear under the new “Unified Contract”.
Finally, because this is all I can post today as I am off to Manchester on the PR training trail, if any Immigration practitioners want a chat about the above – phone or e-mail is fine.

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  • OK.
    Following on from the new unified contact, consulatation on the new family fee schemes has been launched. Linkythingy Not a lot better than the previous scheme. I am in the process of drafting a care bill and the difference in costs being sought by assessemnt and what would be paid under the scheme is nearly

  • Ouch that smarts!