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I meant to mention the changes to the LSC website last week. The main one of these is the introduction of a “what’s new” section which is presumably desdigned to make browsing easier for anoraks like me.
A quick look today shows an interesting new vacancy at the LSC and a press release about the Gateshead CLAC. The job title for the former is interesting given our previous discussion about Transformers.
What I went on the site to find, thanks to shove in the right direction from the ever vigilant Andrew Keogh, the proposed VHCC Panel contract, is however not sited in this new section of the site. Strange.
Richard Miller at the LAPG comments on the CLAC development as follows:

“The new service involves well known local solicitors with good reputations, working alongside nationally respected agencies. We are therefore confident that the quality of advice provided through these organisations will be good. What remains to be seen is whether the arrangements make any improvement in practice to the way clients access legal services, and whether any such improvement is sufficient to justify the cost of the tendering round, and the money spent on restructuring the services rather than providing them.”

I tend to agree that this looks like moving chairs around rather than a major new development – they all have existing contracts don’t they. Doubtless the evaluation will suggest significant “added value” for clients a couple of years down the line. Or is that too cynical.

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