Consistently Inconsistent

Further to this we received a fresh PR appeal yesterday. They are another firm who, with hindsight, wish they had not expressed an interest in the VHCC Panel and who now have a somewhat bigger problem to deal with.
On a first glance, and without the files to hand, the first thing that strikes me is the low number of “major areas of concern” on which the Cat 4 “below competence” outcome is based. There are just 6 of these . At my elbow are 5 threshold competent results with recorded MACs ranging between 6 and 12, only one Cat 3 has a single finding a this critical point in the report.
What is more I have 4, Cat 2 results containing MACs, which as such expressly excludes the recording of this outcome. As we have said before consistency, at least from where we are sitting, is not what is should be for such a fundamentally important assessment.

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