Forward Planning

Unlikely as it might seem, yesterday I was engaged in some idle speculation with a client concerning the duty rota fiasco, sorry minor technical hitch. We both were fervently hoping that the data supplied to Carter was not equally “robust”. On the same theme we have previously had a pop at the statistical drivetime assumptions underpinning the proposed new boundaries.
Now I might be wrong but surely these are the easy tasks on the road “best value tendering”. That being the case, and October 2008 being not that far away, we concluded hoping that some form of dry run, or like exercise, be undertaken shortly to build confidence amongst suppliers.
My own contribution on this point?
Perhaps they could try organising one of these at somewhere like this. They might even wish to consider the following advice too:

“If anybody ever wants to organise a piss up in a brewery, I suggest they do not go and ask the management of Royal Mail how to do it.”

Mark Francois, MP, Commons Hansard, 5 July 2004

I’d turn up if invited!

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