(New) LSC Induction Guide for Cost Committee Members

Simon Pottinger writes:
My final Cost Committee hearing last week was certainly a better one than the two previous and I will now look back on this era with a somewhat rosier glow. We confidently predict a Category 1CCA gradation as a result.
The most interesting point relates to our long standing battle to gain some leverage on the “General Findings” rules, Civil and Crime. These are the rules under which the power to affect any cash “extrapolations” and recoupments were made – often with disastrous impact upon firms. For over 2 years we have tried to get CCs to engage on this point with limited success. More often we have had met with miscomprehension, timidity and confusion, following (mis)advice from Committee Clerks or even adjournments for skeleton arguments.
On one or two occasions we did win agreement with our arguments that, initially, the CC does have the power to consider, and rule upon, the appropriateness of a General Finding. Most commonly we made these arguments where a single perverse file was “unrepresentative” of the firm

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