Northern Delights

I don’t go in for that regional stereotyping thing so I make no claims that its the extra friendly nature of our North East clients which makes working in this part of the world so enjoyable. To be frank it is probably the shorter travel times and greater knowledge of the roads which makes this so.
There is however one thing in particular which is entirely unique to this area – Pease Pudding. If you have never come across this it is a NE delicacy which transforms a ham sandwich (or dry bread if you are a vegetarian). I used to be able to pick up a half-stottie version from the A19 Cafe (Ron Perry’s) just north of Hartlepool on every journey north, but not so the last few attempts.
Today my clients provided just this for lunch, fantastic!
If you have never tried it here is a recipe. Delia’s is wrong – she uses green marrow-fat peas.

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