LUST for Life 

Conveying emotion in the written word is hard. When it a complex mix of rage, sadness, dispair coupled to complete powerlessness it is impossible. As today’s events play out these intensify. I therefore post this for the fellow Leeds fans I know read the site, who might like to do what I have done today […]

Fugitive Motel 

Friday video time. This week based on the following convoluted logic; the first venue on the training tour is a (fugitive) motel and this band come from Manchester like the rumours below. Have a good weekend.

Rumour Mill 

Interesting rumours are emanating from Manchester regarding possible delays in the October implementation of Carter. Anyone able to confirm or deny – especially our good Autorecbot readers.

Tour Bus Serviced and Ready to Roll 

My latest training adventure begins on Wednesday next week in the esteemed company of Mr Rodney Warren. He and I have just been whinging about the difficulty of writing courses in this climate of mass consultation and uncertainty – all the more disturbing given his centrality to the “negotiations”. There are still places available and […]