…. and a King Sized Mars Bar 

Not doing a Friday music vid today rather thought I’d drop in a plug, but not a detailed review, for two of the eateries my travels have taken me to this week. First up, in the company of Andy was Brook’s Restaurant in Brighouse (of Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band fame). We ate well and […]

Cases Under the Hammer 

A hurriedly arranged trip to film another episode of “VHCC in the Attic” today. The opportunity arose after a planned bout of PR training was cancelled following the defection of yet another of the next generation of CDS advocates to the public sector. Carters certainty that his market based reforms would convince these young lawyers […]

Who Are We Going To Get? 

As Brown announces his first cabinet two questions arise; firstly that in the title of this post and secondly will it make any difference to legal aid practitioners? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime I am off to discuss post Carter merger with two firms – ear to the radio at […]


More from the LAPG: The Legal Aid Practitioners Group today accused the Ministry of Justice of

Family Fees in October 

LAPG comment on the family paper issued by the LSC on Friday: Director Richard Miller said, “The revised family proposals show clear signs of the LSC having listened to the profession’s concerns. The willingness to defer introduction of the private law proposals for work after the issue of proceedings, in order to have further discussions […]


Hotel room blogging this morning ahead of a day dealing with an Internal Review and a VHCC application. The latter seems to be warming up as an issue if yesterday evenings out of hours calls are a good indicator. Everyone we have spoken to has, once again, found this to be a pretty impenetrable process […]

Drive Time 

Whilst most people will be pleased by Fridays indication that the merger of duty schemes into larger Carter entities will not now go ahead there will probably be equal numbers confused as to why the LSC have again changed tack so dramatically. Now I appreciate that this presents a “dammed if you do dammed if […]

Friday Download Frenzy 

The CLSA have gazumped us all, including the LSC, in getting the latest set of consultation documents and responses on the web. You can get them here, they include PACE boundaries and Slot Allocation. This is truly my last post of the day – happy weekend reading! UPDATE So I lied. The above, and more […]


We have not done a Friday video in some time so here is one. The latest album from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is currently in the CD player in my kitchen being the last one I bought. Here is one of their earlier tracks:

A Matter of Interpretation 

We have always chucked up free plugs for support services we think our readers might be interested in. Multi-Language is a translation firm based in our neck of the woods, run by a friend of a friend. They can cover over 60 languages with enough individuals to offer fairly widespread and flexible cover. Their rates […]