…. and a King Sized Mars Bar

Not doing a Friday music vid today rather thought I’d drop in a plug, but not a detailed review, for two of the eateries my travels have taken me to this week.
First up, in the company of Andy was Brook’s Restaurant in Brighouse (of Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band fame). We ate well and had some very good win and we would heartily recommend it to you.
Last night I finally got up to Gourmet Spot in Durham the new home of Middlesbrough Chief, Sean Wilkinson. We were regulars at Attitude, his Teesside venture, which was probably a little to radical for our towns more conservative diners. Last night, due to the demand from graduating students, he only had the “normality” menu on (check the web-site). He did however bring me, and my enigmatic mystery guest, some samples off the “surrealism” alternative and very good they were too. With the exception of Seaham Hall this is undoubtedly the best meal I have had this year.

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