More PR Reading 

With VHCC bidding deadline passed we return to the day-to-day grind. So yesterday was back to Peer Review training. In this context I did recently spot the long awaited Family: Improving your Quality Guide. Happy reading.

More PR News 

On the same PR theme, and by way of balance, here is the LSC CE’s response, to recent criticisms of the scheme by the Reviewers themselves. Quality for clients is as fundamental to legal aid reform as improving access and value

Some Important News 


The F Word 

If you are familiar with The F Word you might not be surprised to know that our office has been not unlike Ramsey’s kitchen this week. And so we sign off this week in similar style. Exclusion criteria Essential criteria Desirable criteria Declarations Bound copies Loose copy CD ROM 12 Noon deadline Courier DONE

Polling Station 

Free poll by Please give your response to this statement: “I have found the VHCC bid process well designed, clearly and thoroughly explained, simple to prepare and my firm managed to complete it without any significant problems” Yes it was a breeze – well done LSC! I found it an interesting challenge which was […]

Bidders Thoughts Required 

As you can quickly establish this weeks posts have been unashamedly, but obviously monotonously for non-bidders, almost entirely about the VHCC Auction. The phone traffic in this office has been unbelievable and bidders experience unprintable. Confidentiality precludes me divulging little more than the following paraphrase from a client’s account of a recent phone conversation with […]

The End of the Peer Show 

Sandra Dolly writes: Independent Lawyer – July/August 2007 Issue – pages 8 & 9: “Peer Reviewers are on the brink of revolt as they fear that the quality monitoring process has been ‘hijacked’ and that they are being ‘used’”. DOH!

Urgent and Scream 

When our VHCC Call Centre closes down, turns off its lights, pulls down the shutters and is put in mothballs until the next, similar ill-conceived act of madness, I might write up my thoughts on this Until then one urgent point and something to drive you mad. 1 Bid question EC8 must be completed in […]

More Robots 

Regulars will probably remember our discussions concerning Autorecbots. Now the Transformers appear to have their own movie. “Choose your side – Protect or Destroy”

Call Centres 

Here is news of the CDS Call Centres. We however are currently a VHCC Call Centre. Your call is currently being held in a queue however it is of value to us so please do not hang up!